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The Theatre Casting Toolkit was created by Tonic

Tonic believes greater gender equality, diversity and inclusivity in arts and culture is not just desirable but eminently achievable.

Since 2011 we have been driving tangible change across theatre and the wider performing arts and creative industries. Through a range of programmes, resources, training, tools and events Tonic has demonstrated that meaningful and sustained change can happen. The uniqueness and effectiveness of our approach have led to our services being utilised by a broad spectrum of organisations across the UK and beyond.

Tonic’s approach involves getting to grips with the principles that lie beneath how the arts and cultural industries functions – our working methods, decision-making processes, and organisational structures – and identifying how, in their current form, these can create barriers. Once we have done that, we devise practical yet imaginative alternative approaches and work with our partners to trial and deliver them. In addition to our work with organisations, we empower individuals to drive change within their own contexts and deliver ambitious cross-sectoral initiatives.

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