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In this part of the Toolkit there are a range of tools that invite you to do things differently

Good intentions alone won’t make our rehearsal rooms feature a wider range of people; we need to make practical changes to how we go about casting – because if we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get what we’ve always had. These tools are designed to support you in exploring new approaches – take a look around and find what works for you.


Questions to ask yourself on an ongoing basis – whether you are directly involved in casting actors or not, there’s something for everyone

Character tool

Prompts and provocations for directors thinking about characters before casting has begun

Legal FAQs on discrimination

A guide to understanding the legal framework around discrimination for theatre producers, owners and managers


A planning tool to support theatres in achieving greater diversity in their casts

What are we watching?

A simple table that companies and individuals can use to keep track of the work they are seeing

Change tips

Key things to consider when embarking on change yourself, and when working to bring other people onboard to create change alongside you

Audition space checklist

A guide to removing barriers in your audition space – designed to make you think about how the space you use can make a difference


A guide to the words and phrases used in conversations around diversity – from intersectionality to LGTBQ+

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